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About Danville, CA

The initial inhabitants of the San Ramon Valley were the Bay Miwok Indian tribe, who were there long before there was a Danville, California. These Indians spent their summers camped on the close by Mount Diablo, and lived next to the banks of creeks. When the Spaniards arrived in the region, the location came to be a grazing land for the Mission San Jose, and sometime later was a land grant that was known as the Rancho San Ramon.

Playing a large role in the establishment of Danville, was the Gold Rush of 1849, when miners who had new riches arrived on the scene. Two brothers, named Andrew and Daniel purchased some 400 acres in Danville in 1854 with the earnings of gold. The new community had a general store, a wheelwright, a hotel, and a blacksmith shop, within four years.

However, the new community had neither a name nor a post office. The Inman brothers and their family, including their Grandma, named Sarah Young, and the mother in law of Andrew considered some names for the new community. A settlement just to the south had been named Brevensville, after a blacksmith who lived there. The family considered, and then rejected calling the growing community Inmanville. Grandma Young recommended the name of Danville after her hometown of Danville, Kentucky. Daniel, was described as modest, and was also a respected leader who sometime later came to be an Alameda County Supervisor and Assemblyman, and played a primary in the development of the close by community of Livermore.

With a population of some 20 residents, in 1860, the first post office opened in Danville. An ever increasing number of additional people made their way west and numerous people settled in the new community of Danville, as the stories of prosperity in California spread. Farmers found pleasant weather as well as rich land. The region became a center for onions, barley, wheat, sheep, and cattle. Sometime later nut and fruit orchards were added. There were some 1,800 residents in the regions of Lafayette and Danville by 1869.

The hubs of community life increased as the community increased. In 1859, with the help of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, a private high school opened. Until 1868, when it burned to the ground, the school educated numerous students. The Danville Grange No. 85 was chartered, in 1873, which was a family farmers’ union, that became the focus of the community and, for several years, was the primary gathering place. The Grange still meets at the hall on Diablo Road. In 1875, the dedication of the Danville Presbyterian Church was conducted.

In 1891, with the constriction of the Southern Pacific Railway System, some major changes were made in the community of Danville. Farmers who, at one time, had to transport their crops by wagon on undependable dirt roads. Particularly during the wintertime to ports on the San Francisco Bay could now provide transportation for larger amounts of their crops much easier all year round. The location of the new Danville railroad depot created a completely new town center, and relocated it to Hartz Avenue from Front Street. Hartz Avenue.

A man named John Hartz was the person who sold the property that was required for the new station. He also created a new neighborhood, by subdividing and selling lots that were, located just east of the new station. It wasn’t long before there was a doctors’ office, a Chinese laundry service, a saloon, a drug store, and a bank, that served visitors and residents alike. In 1927, the Danville Hotel was relocated to face Hartz Avenue.

Until the late 1940’s, the main industry remained agriculture. However, WW II and the post war period brought a new age, and Danville started to grow into the current suburb that it is today. The community was divided by I-680, which provided the way for the residents to commute all throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, during the 1960’s. From 1960 through 1980, the population of Danville increased to about 26,500 people from almost 13,000 people. The year 1982 brought the incorporation of Danville as a town.

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