Frequently asked questions

You will enter the coupon code during checkout, after adding the items you wish to purchase to your cart. Enter the code into the box labelled “Coupon #” and click “Apply Coupon” on the “Order Review” page.

You can contact your bank to find out how to expedite the release.

When you enter your credit card information incorrectly, your order cannot be processed. For security purposes, your bank will place a hold and you will see a pending amount reflect on your account. Within 3-5 business days, depending on your bank, the hold on that amount will drop from your account.

Yes we do! We offer all of our medium sized pizzas with Gluten Free Crust. Our Gluten Free crust is made using rice and potato flours and is 100% gluten free. We take special precautions to avoid cross contamination during the preparation of our gluten free pizzas. However, our facility also prepares many options that include gluten rich products and cross contamination is possible. Those with severe Gluten allergies are advised to enjoy options elsewhere.

Our Signature Pizza Guys crust contains whey, a dairy product. So it is not vegan. However, our Gluten Free crust, available in medium size, is vegan.

You must add the corresponding item to your cart before applying the code. The price will then be set to zero.

To use a coupon, add the corresponding items to your cart. Then, on the order review page enter the Offer Code # found on the coupon into the box labeled Coupon #. After entering the code click “ADD TO ORDER”

Unfortunately, when we moved to our new website all old accounts were lost. You will need to recreate your account.

Click locations at the top of the page and make sure that you are ordering from the store nearest to you.

Unfortunately, we are unable to do Half and Half specialty pizzas. However, you can create a non-specialty half and half pizza by clicking create your own on the pizzas page. Once on the create your own pizza page, click ingredients and you will be able to add sauce, toppings, or cheese to individual sides of the pizza.

Nope. The online coupons are only valid for purchases through the online system. Sorry 🙁

Our cheese is 100% whole milk mozzarella made in the sunny Central Valley of California. Our mozzarella cheese is made using microbial rennet (non-animal sourced).

Yes we do! To find them on the menu; click Pizzas, near the top right of the page you should see “GLUTEN FREE PIZZAS.” However, our Gluten Free Pizzas only come in medium size.