Submit An Application

Fill out a franchise application. Any partners in the business that have more than a 5% financial interest must fill out a separate application. Fill out franchisee application


Approval of Application

Pizza Guys Franchises will review the application and validate the experience and financials listed.


Two-Way Interview

You will be invited to come to the Pizza Guys Corporate headquarters in Rancho Cordova, CA to have a meeting with our franchise development team. We will get to know you and your background. We will encourage you to find out about us and more about the store ownership process. After the completion of the interview, we will assess your suitability for our team and as well you will assess Pizza Guys’ suitability for your goals. If we both agree to move forward, you will be given a copy of the FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) for your review.


Development Meeting

When you return with your signed Franchise Agreement, we will have our meeting to discuss the territories targeted. You will be provided a timeline and breakdown of all the remaining steps.


Finalizing the Agreement

When we begin to scout your targeted area for a location we will sign the final agreements and all fees will be paid.



You will receive your training during your store build out. You can complete your
training at an approved Pizza Guys training store under the supervision of our Director of Operations. The schedule averages look like this:

  • Initial Crew Member Training – 1.5 weeks
  • Manager Training – 2 weeks
  • Franchisee Owner Training – 1.5 weeks
  • Corporate Marketing Boot Camp – 2 days

Store Opening

We will work with you to develop a 6-month operations and marketing plan for your restaurant. Representatives will walk you through the process with as much attention that is needed to help you reach a successful opening.