Shahpour Nejad


Shahpour started working in the pizza business back in 1979 where he attended college in Cleveland, OH. He eventually worked his way up to become a partner at multiple pizza restaurants. When he moved to California in 1984, he brought his knowledge of traditional east coast pizza, slightly modified it to California taste buds, and co-founded Pizza Guys with Reza Kalantari.

Reza Kalantari

Co-Founder/Vice President/Retired

An entrepreneur embarked on his American dream and journeyed to the USA in 1984. Reza Kalantari alongside Shahpour Nejad co-founded Pizza Guys in 1986. After a successful career, Reza has now transitioned into retirement, leaving behind a legacy of entrepreneurial achievement.

Michael Morgan

Vice President of Operations

Michael came to Pizza Guys in 2007. Before his time with Pizza Guys, Michael spent 10 years in the food distribution industry. Michael has a wife and two teenage children. Michael holds a Bachelor of Science in Business/Marketing from the University of Phoenix and a Masters in Business Administration from California State University Sacramento. Michael is also a Certified Project Manager (PMP).

Dan Zamrey

Vice President of Finance

Dan has been with the company for over 20 years. He enjoys golf and also a Corvette enthusiast. University Of Nevada – Reno is his alma mater where he studied engineering. He is an avid San Francisco Forty-Niners fan.

Reza Kamalian

Director of Operations

Reza has worked in the pizza business for over 15 years. He spent time at pizza restaurants from local independents to large chains like Pizza Hut. Reza is Pizza Guys store operations expert.

Kim Bui

Director of Human Resources

Kim Bui has been with Pizza Guys since 2004. Kim crafts Human resources strategy for Pizza Guys and advises franchisees on their employee programs. Kim is a runner that has completed several marathons. Kim received a B.S. in Human Resources from California State University Sacramento.

Kamiar Nejad

Vice President of Innovation

Kamiar holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with emphasis in Entrepreneurship from California State University Sacramento. In 2019, he came to Pizza Guys as a Project Manager, simultaneously taking charge of the Purchasing Department. Kamiar now serves as the Vice President of Innovation, spearheading transformative initiatives and continuing to lead the Purchasing Department with expertise and strategic vision.