We take training seriously at Pizza Guys. As a new franchisee, you must be fully trained in all aspects of store operations and management of your business. You will be taken through full training for every position before you complete your management and owner training.
Business Training

  • Initial Crew Member Training – 1.5 weeks
    • Full Pizza Guys Orientation with eLearning components
    • Training and Certification in all 8 store positions
    • Manager Training – 2 weeks
  • Successful Completion of the Assistant Manager training workbook
    • Franchisee Owner Training – 1.5 weeks
    • Successful completion of the Franchisee training book
  • Take and successfully pass the franchisee owner test
    • Corporate Boot Camp – 2 days
  • Review and hands-on training of all Pizza Guys marketing vehicles
  • Data Analysis to assess impact of marketing efforts
  • Advanced POS training to review store managerial reports
  • Techniques for control of food and labor costs

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