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About Fremont, CA

Fremont, California, is located in the county of Alameda. The year 1956 brought the incorporation of Fremont. It was merged with of five smaller communities, which were Warm Springs, Mission San Jose, Irvington, Niles, and Centerville. An American explorer named John Fremont is the namesake of the community of Fremont.

Fremont is situated in the southeastern portion of the San Francisco Bay Area, primarily in the East Bay region. The population of Fremont is approximately 220,000, residents. It is the largest suburb and the fourth most populous community in the Fremont metropolitan area. It is sometimes associated with Silicon Valley because it is located in close proximity to East Bay city to Silicon Valley. The region is comprised of Union City, Newark, and Fremont.

While Fremont was a young community that wasn’t incorporated until 1956, it can trace its original root back to the Ohlone or Costanoan Indian tribes. This area played an important role in the expansion of the Spanish missions, during the 1700’s. Fremont was the center for the building of the first transcontinental railroad, which, in the early 1900’s, had an experienced a brief positive experience during the silent film era. A rich heritage of agriculture and industry still continues.

The recorded history of the Fremont area began in 1975. This was when a Father named Fermin de, Lausen developed the Mission San José. The Mission was established at the location of the Ohlone village of Oroysom. However, during the second day of their goal, the mission party killed some grizzly bears in Niles Canyon. The first pioneer to arrive in Fremont was the renowned explorer named Jedediah Smith in 1827. Eventually, the population of the Mission was 1,887 people by 1831, and it prospered. The influence of the missionaries declined after 1834, when secularization was enacted by the Mexican government.

John Fremont arrived in the area in 1846, and he laid out a trail, which ran through Mission Pass in order to provide access for white pioneers into the southeastern San Francisco Bay Area.

During the time of the gold rush in California, the Fremont region grew rapidly. A community known as Mission San Jose was developed around the old mission, and by 1850, had its own post office. The economy of the region was dominated by agriculture with olives, nursery plants, and grapes being the primary crops. The Hayward earthquake on the Hayward Fault demolished structures throughout the Fremont region in 1868. The earthquake ruined Mission San José and related buildings. The Fremont region’s Palmdale Winery was the largest in California, until the 1906 San Francisco earthquake resulted in its destruction. The ruins of the Palmdale Winery can still be seen close to the Five Corners in Irvington.

Between 1912 and 1915, the Niles portion of the Fremont region was the earliest home of the movie industry in California. Charlie Chaplin filmed many different movies in the Fremont region. His most noted movie was The Tramp.

Under the leadership of a man named Wally Pond. The year 1956 brought the incorporation of Fremont. There were five communities in the region, which were Warm Springs, Niles, Mission San Jose, Centerville, and Irvington, which all merged in order to establish Fremont.

From 1953 through 1962, Fremont became increasingly more industrialized. Between the 1980’s and the late 1990’s, the high-tech employment was booming, particularly in the Warm Springs District, which resulted in the rapid development in the community and linked Silicon Valley with the community. By 1999, about 750 high-tech firms had production facilities, headquarters, or offices located in Fremont. These companies included 15 of the top 100 of the most rapidly growing public firms in the San Francisco Bay Area and 18 of the top 50 firms in the East Bay.

Fremont was widely known for its drag strip and the General Motors automotive assembly factory in Southern Fremont was the largest employer in the community.

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