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About Hayward, CA

Hayward, California was previously known as Haywood, Haywards Station, and simply Haywood, which is located in the county of Alameda, in the East Bay sub area of the San Francisco Bay Area. With a population of 149,392 people, according to the census that was taken in 2014, Hayward was ranked as the third largest community in the in the county of Alameda, and was also ranked as the 37th most populated municipality in California. It is located primarily between Union City and the Castro Valley, and is situated at the easternmost terminus of the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge. From the early 1900’s until the beginning of the 1980’s, the economy in Hayward was primarily dominated by its currently defunct salt production and food canning industries.

The location that is currently known as Hayward became a portion of the Rancho San Lorenzo, in the 1800’s, which, in 1841, was a Spanish land grant to a man named Guillermo Castro. The location of his home was on the former Castro Street, or El Camino Viejo between D and C Streets. However, during the Hayward earthquake in 1868, the structure was nearly destroyed. The Hayward Fault runs directly below its location. The majority of the buildings in Hayward were severely damaged in the earthquake, which was the last major earthquake on the fault. The location was selected for the building of City Hall, in 1930, which, until 1969, served Hayward.

During the gold rush days, a man named William Hayward and began constructed a house, along the creek at the location of the old Polamares School. The Vaqueros of Guillermo Castro arrived one day and told Mr. Hayward to leave the land that Castro owned. Although Mr. Hayward did leave, he also went directly to Guillermo Castro and inquired if he could purchase some of his property. The region of what was known at the time as being just east of Castro Street was what he bought. William Hayward constructed a grand hotel on the land. Mr. Hayward and his wife ran the hotel, which, in 1916, burned down.

Initially, Hayward was known as Hayward’s, then as Haywood, sometime later as Haywards, and eventually simply Hayward. There is some confusion regarding how it was named. The majority of historians believe it was named after William Hayward, who, in 1852, opened a hotel there. However, there are others who believe that Hayward was named after a millionaire from the California Gold Rush named Alvinza Hayward. In 1860, when the first post office was established it was named Hayward.

In 1864, Castro immigrated to Chile with the majority of his family, after losing his property in a game of cards. His name remains in the community of Castro Valley, which is located in the valley alongside Hayward, which Castro had used to put his cattle to pasture. The ranch was divided up and sold to several locals, and Mr. Hayward also bought some property. The fortunes of Mr. Hayward became even better when he built a resort hotel, which gradually grew to a 100 rooms. The surrounding region became known as Hayward’s after the hotel.

In the 1930’s, the Harry Rowell Rodeo Ranch, currently located within Castro Valley, which attracted many rodeo cowboys from all across the nation and movie actors including Slim Pickens and other western actors from Hollywood.

Hayward had a significant population of Japanese Americans, before WW II, who, during the war, were subject to the Japanese-American internment. The war brought a population and economic boom to the region as factories opened to manufacture good for the war effort. After the war ended many of the workers remained. Two suburban tract housing pioneers, named David Bohannon and Oliver Rousseau were prominent builders of postwar housing in the region.

The downtown area of Hayward was scheduled for redevelopment from 2012 through 2013, with new businesses being developed and the older businesses receiving facade upgrades.

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