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About Marysville, CA

Marysville, California had a population of some 12,072 people according to the census that was taken in 2010. However, according to the census that was taken in 2000 the population of Maryville, was 12,268, which greater than it was in 2001. Yuba County is the home of Marysville.

In 1842, a man named John Sutter sublet a portion some of his leased a portion of his Rancho New Helvetia property to a man who was initially from Germany, named Theodore Cordua. Mr. Cordua, constructed a trading post, and was raising some raised livestock and, in 1843, built a home and a trading post, which was located at the southernmost end of D Street on main street. In 1844, Mr. Cordua was granted a land grant by the Mexican government for the Rancho Honcut.

Former employees such as a man named Charles Covillaud had found his wealth in the gold fields. Mr. Cordua bought the property that was owned by Mr. Covillaud, and discovered gold in the Cordua ranch. Then, from 1849 through 1949, two men named William Nye, who were the brother-in-law of Mary, and the sister and one of brothers-in-law to the wife were of survivors of the Donner party, and Mr. Covillaud remained in the region. Until 1848, the members who remained, wanted the Cordua ranch.

Sometime later during that same year, they sold their interest to Mr. Covillaud. However, Mr. Covillaud sold most of the ranch to three men named Jose Ramirez, John Sampson, and Theodore Sicard. In the days of gold rush, the ranch became a stopping point for riverboats between Sacramento and San Francisco, which provided a way for miners to get to the gold fields.

Three named Mr. Covillaud, Me. Sicard, Mr.Le Plongeon, Mr. Sicard, and Mr. Sampson who hired Mr. Le Plongeon. They developed some plans for a settlement that came to be known as Jubaville. Sometime later, the name of the settlement was changed to Yubaville. A recently relocated lawyer named Stephen Field bought some 65 lots of property and recorded the correct deeds for the property that was being sold. Then, Mr. Field accepted the nomination for alcalde following only three days in the mining camp. Mr. Field became a Mexican official, which combined the duties of the Justice of the Peace and mayor in a new government that was being established.

Mr. Field defeated his opponent, in 1850, who had been in the settlement for only six days, and a council for the settlement was elected. That night, the pioneers elected to name the new settlement Marysville after the wife of Mr. Covillaud named Mary Murphy Covillaud, who the was the previous wife of William Johnson from of Johnson’s Ranch, and also one of the surviving members of the Donner Party. The year 1851 brought the incorporation of Marysville under the new legislature of California, and in 1851, the first mayor was elected. Mr. Field went on to become one of the longest sitting members of the Supreme Court of the U.S.

In Marysville in 1851, a post office was organized. Brick buildings had replaced the tent city by 1853. Marysville had established two daily newspapers, churches, schools, machine shops, factories, iron works, and mills in addition to the brick merchant buildings.

The population of Marysville was nearly 10,000 people. Marysville was a prospering community by 1857. As the result of its strategic location in the days of the gold rush, Marysville became one of California’s largest communities. More than $10 million gold was transported to the U.S. mint in San Francisco from the banks in Marysville.

However, loosened debris from by hydraulic mining over Marysville raised the level of the riverbeds of both the Yuba and Feather Rivers, which resulted in making the community vulnerable to flooding during spring run offs and winter storms. A levee system was constructed by the community, which is still being maintained.

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