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About Merced, CA

Merced, California had a population 81,743 in 2014. Both are located in the San Joaquin Valley. The year 1889 brought the incorporation of Merced, as a city. The community is named after the close by Merced River.

The Pacific Ocean in the east as well as the several beaches in the west. The community is served by three bus lines, a major airline that is served by the Merced Regional Airport, and the rail passenger service Amtrak. It is about 270 miles from Los Angeles, 45 miles from Fresno, and 130 miles from San Francisco.

The community was became home to the10th University of California campus, at the University of California, Merced. During the 1900’s, Merced was the first research university built in the nation.

Merced is home to University of California, Merced. Some of the recreational activities in and around Merced, include two first movies, a live stage theater downtown, the bicycles trail, the black and Bear Rascal Creeks, a skate park, which is located in Applegate, and the also located in Applegate. Known for its architectural value and its history. In 1889 the County Courthouse Museum was constructed. The County Library and the Merced Multicultural Arts Center opened. Merced has many shopping areas that include a movie, theater many different restaurants Though still growing, Merced has several shopping areas including the Merced Mall, Wal-Mart, Lowes, Best Buy, Barnes and Nobel, Sears, Kohl’s JC Penny and Target, all of which are located Main Street in Merced.

In addition, there are also the headquarters of Malibu boats, which is a manufacturer of inboard bots, the Castle Air Museum, Merced Falls, Lake Yosemite that are all within a short distance from the city limits. The community of Merced along with its neighboring communities well served be the Merced County Times, the Merced Sun Star. The Sun Star daily newspaper has a circulation of more than 20,000 in the Merced region and the Times weekly newspaper has a circulation of more than 5,000.

Median level homes in Merced have lost 62% of their value during the second quarter of 2006, when they topped out at $336,743. Earlier, home buying and building exploded in Merced. However, the metro is still suffering from an inflated elevated 14.2% in the unemployment rate in accordance with the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Merced one of the largest property price decline in the nation, during the Great Recession. The cost of a house decreased between 1988, and last part 2009. This makes for affordable housing as compared to any other locations in California according to Zillow. Since 1980 the population of Merced has increased faster than the average in California. During the last decade last the annualized growth rate is approximately 3.4%. This explosion of the population has fueled a considerable amount of retail growth since 1992. Many major chain retail stores have now arrived in Merced, which has provide added more than 500,000 yearly income, as the result in the increase in the sale tax as the result of new retail space.

Agribusiness traditionally has been the driver of the local economy has traditionally as well as the presence of Castle Air Force Base. During the last 20 years, the more diversified industries has been launched in the region that include packing industries, distribution and warehousing fiberglass boat construction, and printing industries.

After phasing out over the last three years, Castle Air Force Base closed in 1995. This has affected some sectors of the service economies residential and real estate. However, the retail business There hasn’t been a significant increase in unemployment. The re-use of the former airbase is almost ready to begin. The industrial development is increasing in the region.
Over some 400,000 square feet of new industrial activity had begun by 1992. Then in 1995, Merced was chosen as the home of the campus for the next UC (University of California). In 2005, UC Merced had attracted some 1,000 students. In older accommodate the devilment of the campus, local planning is currently underway, which will eventually accommodate some 25,000 students.

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