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About Modesto, CA

Modesto, California is the largest community in Stanislaus County. The population of Modesto was 201,165 people according to the census that was taken in 2010. Modesto translates from Spanish into Modest.

Modesto is located in the Central Valley, some 24 miles south of Stockton, some 66 miles west of Yosemite National Park, some 68 miles south of the state Capital of Sacramento, some 90 miles north of Fresno, some 92 miles east of San Francisco, and some 40 miles north of Merced. Modesto is surrounded by rich farmland and the county of Stanislaus ranks 6th among the other counties in California in farm production. In 2011, the County grossed almost $3.1 billion in agricultural production that was led was led by corn silage, walnuts, chickens, almonds, and milk. The Farm to Table movement plays a vital role in living in the Central Valley in Modesto.

In the 1972 film titled American Graffiti by George Lucas, Modesto was immortalized. Mr. Lucas was raised in Modesto and then he graduated from Thomas Downey High School, and then he went to Modesto Junior College shortly thereafter. In 1962, the award-winning film captured the spirit of friendship and cruising and friendship on 11th and 10th Streets which resulted in the revival of 1950’s television nostalgic hits that included the series show Happy Days and other similar other similar television shows.

The architectural landmarks in the community of Modesto are also noteworthy as well, which makes Modesto a natural host for the popular Architectural Festival that is held every year. From the 1940’s through the 1950’s Modesto was recognized as being a testing ground for the middle 2000’s Modern architecture. In the meantime, developers were taking some rather innovative risks in Modesto. In the middle 1900’s, Modesto buildings have four times been featured in the Museum of Modern Art publications.

Out of 190 of the best communities, the index for Well-Being in 2011 that interviews some 1,000 participants daily and asks people to assess their state of mind, emotional state, physical health, finances, and employment in their communities, Modesto ranked 126. Out of 100 of the best communities in 2009, Modesto was ranked 49th In this ranking, Modesto was ranked 8th in travel time and affordable housing affordability. However, the community of Modesto was ranked 86th in the forecast of employment growth and in foreclosures the community of Modesto ranked 99th.

Modesto is home of the world’s largest privately owned winery, known as the Gallo Family Winery. Originally, Modesto was a stopping place that connected Los Angeles and Sacramento, originally was a stopping place for the railroad that was connecting Sacramento to Los Angeles, and in 1870, was established and was named after a wealthy financer named William Ralston. However, Mr. Ralston was too modest and he inquired from them to find another name for the community. Modesto was named in honor of his modesty.

The year 1884 brought the incorporation of Modesto. At that time the population of the community of Modesto, was more than 1,000 residents. Close to the river there were fields of grain, and during the flood season there were barges full of grain. As the community of Modesto continued to grow there was also railroad traffic. Sometime later, in the foothills dams were constructed, and it wasn’t long before irrigation water came, which irrigated the fields of nut and fruit trees as well as the vegetables prospered. The population of Modesto was more than 4,500 residents by 1900. The region provided eggs, powdered milk, and canned goods for the armed forces of the United States in WW II. For the next 20 or 30 years, the population of Modesto was growing at approximately 2% each year and in 1980 increased to more than 100,000 residents and in 2001, increased again to more than 200,000 residents.

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