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Since 1986, Pizza Guys has been bringing families and friends together over great pizza. Not sure what to fix or just too tired to cook? Pizza is something that everyone can agree on! From classic pepperoni and cheese to unique creations you won’t find anywhere else, plus great deals and coupons for special offers like free 2-liters of your favorite soda and hot deals on your favorite pizzas, there’s a lot to love about choosing Pizza Guys in San Diego.

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Want great pizza delivered to your door? It’s as easy as calling the Pizza Guys! With over 60 locations, we offer pizza delivery within an approximate 3 mile radius. That means hot, fresh pizza is just a click away! So whether you’re having a family movie night or you’re hanging out with friends and watching the big game, getting the Pizza Guys pizza you love is as easy as visiting our website or giving us a call!

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We use only the freshest ingredients and use locally-sourced items where we can, so you can feel confident that your pizza is perfectly made from start to finish. And although we’re known as the Pizza Guys, we also have a fantastic selection of pastas, salads, desserts and wings to complete your pizza order. Whether you love hot and spicy or fresh and filling, there’s something on our menu to satisfy everyone! Build your order online and don’t forget to sign up for discounts from your San Diego Pizza Guys for even more savings delivered right to your inbox or mobile phone!
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About San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA, takes position 2 in California and 8 in the United States, when cities are ranked from the largest. 2022 data indicates that it has a population of 1 402 838 people, and the 2020 census data shows a population of 1,414,545, which is a -0.83% population decrease. San Diego, CA, has a 0.57% growth rate. Most people in San Diego, CA, are educated. It is home to great schools like the University of San Diego making it an educational center.

The 2021 American Community Survey data on people aged at least 25 indicates that the city has 89% high school graduates and  47% bachelor’s degrees, which is the best in the San Diego region. It has 11% school dropout rate and 15% people with at most high school degrees. San Diego, CA, has gained popularity due to its pristine beaches.

The La Jolla people, San Dieguito, Or the Shell Midden People, were the earliest inhabitants of San Diego, CA. The Kumeyaay people who later immigrated lived in villages. The freshwater spring was their support. Juan Rodrigues Cabrillo was the first European explorer in San Diego. The name of San Diego was earlier San Miguel.

In 1979, Spaniards arrived and colonized San Diego and California. On 14th August 1882, the first school was formed. Later, other schools were established. Also, they were grouped into school districts.

Manufacturing, tourism, the military, and international trade are the major areas of economic development. However, San Diego, CA, has a versatile environment contributes significantly to revenue. Some tourist sites include Balboa Park, a beautiful site you can’t afford to miss; it has gardens, historical buildings, museums, and green spaces worth seeing. Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum shows the largest US ships and many restored aircraft and exhibits. Seaport Village, beaches, and Old Town State Historic Park are other attraction sites in San Diego, CA.

San Diego Central and Public Library are the most extensive library in San Diego, CA. The library offers a wide range of services like printing, free Wi-fi, computers, study and meeting rooms. The I CAN Center is an incredible service for disabled people; it has large print books, braille, and magazines. The center and research can help disabled people in need of physical assistance.

San Diego, CA residents actively participate in sports. Aztecs of San Diego State University were held in San Diego Stadium in 2019, which is still the host of home games. Games like soccer, football, cheerleading, and lacrosse are held in Westview High School Football Stadium. Willie Henderson Sports Complex hosts volleyball, cooking class, and soccer skillz games.

Fields like Penn Athletic Field, Morley Field Sports Complex, SDSU Sports Deck, and Morse High School Football Field are other fields where games like lacrosse, softball, and basketball can be held in San Diego, CA. Like other cities, San Diego, CA, has several charities and non-profit organizations supporting sports. Some include the Wounded Warrior Support Network, Miracle League Of San Diego, Little League Baseball Inc, North City Youth Baseball League, and Peninsula Soccer League.

San Diego, CA, descends from a  maximum elevation of 3596ft to a minimum elevation of -3ft. The average elevation is 413ft. San Diego, CA, climate comprises short, arid, warm, and clear summers and partly cloudy, long, and cool winters. The temperature ranges from 50 to 77 degrees. The hot period begins from 10th July to 4th October and takes 2.8 months with at least 75 degrees as the daily average temperature. And the cool season starts from 29th November to 2nd April taking 4.1months with at most 67 degrees as the daily average temperature. December is the coldest month, while August is the hottest month.

In San Diego, CA, the rainy season starts from 25th October to 22nd April taking 5.9months with at least 0.5 rainfall inches, and the less rainy season starts from 22nd April to 25th October, taking 6.1 months. February is the rainiest month, while June is the less rainy month throughout the year. The windier season commences on 13th November to 5th June and takes about 6.8 months with at least 6.9 wind speed, and the less windy season commences on 5th June to 13th November, taking about 5.2 months. December is the windiest month, while August is the calmest month throughout the year.

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