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About West Sacramento, CA

One city in California is known as West Sacramento or most people call it West Sac. It’s close to Sacramento, but it was divided by the Sacramento River. In short, west Sacramento is another county from the County of Sacramento. It’s one of the fastest growing communities with, according to 2010 census, its population was approximately 48,744 people from 2000 census record of having 31,615 people. West Sacramento is one of the top four when it comes to employment centers of Gold Rush era.

In the year 2014, United States Conference of Mayors awarded West Sacramento as the Most Livable City in USA with less than 100,000 people residing in the area. West Sacramento’s warm summer climate on the maps of climate, according to Köppen Climate system Classification.

In year 1993, the West Sacramento historical Society was settled, in preserving the history and in providing opportunities for people who wished to learn about the amazing experience the rich cultural history of the past. On February 20, 2005, the West Sacramento Historical Society built the first Visitor Center and historic museum based in West Sacramento.

A few decades ago, the first people who lived in the present City of West Sacramento were the Patwin Indians. The villages were established by these Native Americans on the west bank of Sacramento River and most of the groups who stayed in the area usually numbered in the hundreds. These Native people appreciated the land and clear water that surrounds them. They took advantage living in the abundant natural resources offered by the land. Patwin Indians crafted baskets, built boats, fishing nets, they hunted and fished and more. All their necessities were provided by their environment.

During 19th century, European colonists dramatically changed the abundant lifestyle of Patwin Indians. Because of the abundance of the land area, a lot of travelers were captivated and attracted. Tragically, Patwin Indian population were decimated by the greed of European colonists who wanted the land area themselves. From 1833 to 1837, different kinds of diseases started to approach the native citizens. Smallpox and malaria epidemics swept throughout the native Indians and to the surrounding areas. During those times, Native Americans living in the valley dropped the numbers of living citizens to 20,000 people from 60,000 people. Over time, several colonists relocated to the area and the few remaining Patwin Indians were enslaved and some were employed by the Euro American people, hence, colonist learned the Patwin cultural lifestyle.

In the year 1844, the West Sacramento was part of Mexico, a Flemish settler named John Schwartz, who was the first Euro-American who lived permanently to West Sacramento who established a shack on the River six miles West Bank south of the American river connection. With the help of John’s brother George, they found a fishery of salmon along the river. They were also the ones who discovered the soil that can be fertilized and started farming in the area, as well as raising livestock. In the year 1848, an announcement of the discovery of gold delivered a lot of industrious miners to the region to find gold and a reason for the end of war between America and Mexico.

When the city started to experienced huge development, the Town of Washington was called Broderick, in honoring the name of David C. Broderick, one of U. S. Senator. East Yolo was established after 1900, it was corporate with 3 cities which includes the West Sacramento, Bryte and Brodereck. From the year 1900 to the 1920, population from this city increased its number to 2,638 from 1,398. Few years after, year 1915, a post office was established to the West Sacramento

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